Tee Caddy

Coming March 25th - Pre-Order Now!

"Can anyone see my tee?!" ... Sound familiar?!!.... After hearing those words a thousand times I realised that in spite of golf tees being relatively inexpensive we all hate losing them!! ...golfers will spend many minutes during a round searching for them...time that could be spent at the 19th!! Tee caddy's unique  and patent pending tee retrieval system will ensure you never lose a tee again.

The ball marker, pitch mark repairer and groove cleaner can all be used in competitions. Furthermore, why not use the tee caddy in your next non competitive round of golf to help align your swing or target line we'd love to hear from you? Is a swing trainer one of the other benefits of tee caddy???!!!

Under R & A rules the tee retrieving and swing alignment feature of tee caddy cannot be used during competitions. This is because the string of the unit could be used to aid alignment....Well they do have a point!