Crazy Golf Hire

We have 2 different course on offer through our sister business Crazy Golf Hire

 Crazy Golf: The course is made from high quality fibreglass with astro putting surfaces and features both low and high rise obstacles. What makes our course unique is that the 9 individual holes spell out the letters “ C R A Z Y G O L F” (see pics here). Our course comes complete with balls, clubs (4 sizes), scorecards, rules etc. As it is completely weatherproof it can be set up either inside or out. Each hole is 8’ X 4’ with playing sufaces varying between 12' and 16’ due to the shapes of the holes. The total space required is approx 400 sq feet.


Snooker Golf: Our unique snooker golf course is a 14’ X 7’ floor laid table complete with balls and clubs for snooker and pool. Simply, it’s snooker but with golf putters and balls! Because of it’s compact size it is ideal for smaller or indoor areas. Total space required is approx 200 sq ft